Refunds & Returns


Canada Post Expedited Shipping for orders within Canada should arrive within 5 – 7 business days of ordering. It takes 1 business day to process, and approximately 2-3 days to arrive to you.


You can return your new, unopened product sold and fulfilled by The Dogvent Calendar within 14 days of shipping date for a full refund. We add a $5 restocking for your returned product purchased and does not include return shipping fees.

Send your return to:

The Dogvent Calendar

7371 Davemark Court, Mississauga, ON

You should expect to receive a refund within 30 days of giving your package to the return shipper. This includes time for the shipper to return the product to us, us to process the return, and the bank to process the refund.

If you purchased your item at a store, each store has its own return policy. Returns for purchases made in a retail location or online store other than our online store may not be returned to us.

Damaged Order

If your ordered product arrives damaged or opened, we will happily replace it for you. Send us an email at with a picture and your shipping information and we will process a new order for you at no cost.

We are not responsible for lost, missing or stolen packages. An investigation will be launched with the courier service on behalf of shipper and receiver to see if a claim can be made.