Don't Leave Your Dog out of the Holiday Fun!

Posted Oct 25, 2018

Every Christmas, kids, teenagers and even parents are enjoying the holidays, spending time with their loved ones and opening gifts from people who know them best. When we were kids we would always get gifts for our dogs and leave them under the tree for the dogs to sniff and eventually try to claw open. But each day when we ran down the stairs to get our morning snack in our advent calendar, our dogs would give us those puppy eyes and wonder where their treat was.

The Dogvent Calendar was born to include your furry best friend in this awesome morning ritual. Whether you’re 3 or 30 there is something about having a little pick me up to look forward to in the morning during the holidays. We partnered with Northern Biscuit to create the calendar that would fill this void and complete your morning holiday traditions. After considering many treat partners, theirs were the ones that we decided upon as they not only shared our passion for the project but their treats were of the highest quality for your pets.

Our calendars are complete with 25 daily treats and a special surprise on Christmas morning. Not only did we pack a little something extra for your pooch, but each calendar holds the chance to contain a golden biscuit. These have been randomly placed in the calendars that are sold within the 2018 holiday period and could win you a year’s supply of Northern Biscuit treats. 

So whether it’s your dog, a family pet or just a gift for a furry friend, check out our Dogvent Calendar and help us make sure every tail is wagging this holiday season.

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